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Palladium private operates life changing programs at our award winning Queensland sunshine coast residential retreat. Guests come to find and deal with the true cause of health issues including but not limited to depression, anxiety, alcohol and substance dependance, body issues and chronic pain and illness. These programs have been developed for people who need privacy, discretion and confidentiality without judgement as well as real and lasting change.


Palladium private is an immersive live in program that limits distracting communication with the outside world set in beautiful natural surroundings with daily exercise delicious highly nutritious food and relaxation therapy such as massage as well as common sense reality based education into the thinking process and core belief structures causing stress, depression and anxiety leading to addiction and physical symptoms. All components are uniquely designed to decrease a guests stress level so they can take in as much new and relevant information as they can for mental and physical change to take place long after they leave us . It also has the benefit of when they finish a program they leave in a great physical condition which is wonderful but the whole process is about giving a guest an education in how to to process and reassess how they actually think and how to apply this new information not only about their life but about themselves.This gives them the ability to like -maybe even love -themselves again and to understand and increase their self worth and protect it from harm. We teach how to really understand the core thinking behind stress and emotional symptoms leading to unwanted behaviour like addiction,depression and anxiety.

Palladium’s founding retreat and education centre , has continued to collect information and techniques that work long term. Over the last ten years we have developed a unique reality based Method called “The Fountainhead method” that works and combined it with a holistic program of mental and physical therapy. Over 5000 guests have drawn long term life changing benefits from these programs and health practitioners nationwide including psychologists and doctors use the Fountainhead method simply because it works. All health issues have a major stress component which is widely accepted. This program shows not only the true cause of your stress but how to change it .When you learn to understand the mindset caused by core beliefs and thinking processes which are behind your stress behaviour and emotions you are only the application of new information away from permanent long term change.

At Palladium Private you have one of six large private cabins suites in the orchard there is no group work and your support team comes to you.

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Call Now 07 5494 2024 .We will work with you to give you the information and tools to create permanent and lasting change in your life. This is constantly being described by our guests as a life changing program and the best thing they have ever done for themselves and their families.

Please note: These programs have no esoteric or religious inclusions. They are reality based mindset change educational programs delivered in a retreat environment that focus on holistic healing of the mind and body. Ten years of experience has proven that they do create major long lasting life change for the vast majority of attendees (9 out of ten).The most important thing is you must have a desire for change and are able to learn and apply the information and techniques we teach. These programs do have very limited availability as we constantly book out. Please call us to check if there is a position becoming available. Our experienced team can move quickly depending on your time frame. We have found that once someone has admitted a problem and requested assistance solutions do need to be provided as quickly as possible before they retreat due to despair back into old behaviour.

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If you would love to attend this program, but cannot afford a 28 day commitment please go to for shorter, more budget priced options.